Wild Ebro Carp and Cat fishing
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Legal notice & Unforeseen circumstances
We strongly recommend you read all the information below and make sure you totally understand everything that has been written in the legal notice.
Your deposit is non-returnable. If you pay in full you will be reimbursed with the amount less deposit of 20% of the total price this deposit is for fishing and guided holidays. If for whatever reason you have to leave during the period that has been booked, you have to pay for that week in question. This is because other parties will have had to be turned away once you made your booking.

We reserve the right to move location for better fishing, or because of natural causes, for instance, flooding that makes the fishing totally impossible. Wherever possible, we will keep you informed and up to date and take any steps to help you deal with these circumstances. .

There is a law in Spain that states you are to carry your passport with you at all times. You will be asked by some companies to leave your passport with them. Refuse to do so as it is totally illegal and they cannot do this. Keep your passport on you at all times together with your fishing licenses.

All people must carry their own insurance when on holiday as Wild Ebro Carp & Cat fishing cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries or car or boat issues in and out of the water.
We also are not responsible for people on special medicine or other special needs. We will adhere to help, but as on any holiday you should carry any if not all insurance's to cover all aspects of risks and damages that may occur; this includes insurance for change of flights and possible change of destinations as this is in your own interest if you wish to travel or leave early you can.

All deposits for holidays are non-returnable; this is normal for any deposits in any situations. We are not responsible for any natural disasters or any unforeseen circumstances that may happen whilst you are