Wild Ebro Carp and Cat fishing
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Our Guide to the River Ebro
The River Ebro is a massive river system that still has many unfished areas with wild fishing. With our in-depth knowledge and first hand experience we can take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!
The Segre, Almatret, Riba-Rioja Dam, Caspe, Mequinenza, Xerta and Flix

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The Segre
Is a great place to fish in the summer and there are around 30 pegs that fall under the night fishing zone which gives us a legal night fishing opportunity only 15 minutes from Mequinenza. Pre baiting in the morning before we move on to the Mequinenza area for the day and come back to the Segre for the night fishing
The fishing
It is a shallow stretch of water and under certain conditions does not fish well; I don't recommend fishing here from November to end of March. At all other times it's an area that regularly produces big carp catches and holds some extremely big catfish, weighing over 220lb. There are lots of islands with reed beds to fish. The peg front offers really good variation and they are all different. It's possible to catch carp just two meters from the bank in the middle of the night
River: The river has lots of islands to fish from and is fairly shallow, 2m/ 3m. The pegs are really different and a comfortable area to fish
River bed: Hard rocky bottom, gravel beds, hard clay

Almatret offers excellent fishing all year; deep water lots of new pegs have been made recently, with permission from the Rural Agency. There are 15-two man pegs. It is on the same body of water as Mequinenza, a few km downstream
In the summer I expect a lot of the big carp migrate downstream to get away from all the angling pressure up at Mequinenza
This stretch of river is not over fished as it's quite hard to get to and you need local knowledge. Night fishing is permitted, however you will need a night fishing license which I will sort out for you prior to your arrival
The fishing
Most people opt to stay the whole week at Almatret as it's so good and peaceful, with no roads and no people it's really unfished by anglers. It took me 8 months to find it and I live here so it is a challenge! Big carp and lots of them and in better condition than the fish from Mequinenza. Lots of big catfish with 230lb as the biggest I have seen on this stretch. 200lb fish are regularly caught
River: Wide with high cliffs and surrounded by mountains. Big drop offs and shelves
River bed: Rocky and gravel close in and silt at the bottom of the drop off. More silt out in the middle of the river
The fingers above Riba-Rioja Dam
A well-used area for match fishing in the summer months. There are comfortable pegs, 60 of them with deep water under the tip of the rod. Close to the dam the depth is 15/18metres, tailing off to 8 meters and offering good fishing in the colder months November /January. The area has the appearance of being well fished but only by 'match men' and 'close in pleasure fishermen' and local Spanish anglers
The fishing
Range fishing produces large carp all year. Having access to boats is a definite advantage in this area, although, using spods and spoms at 60/ 70m also produces the carp using maze and pellet litter, often all day and night. Big catfish are numerous in this area and there are great views of the rugged Spanish mountains on the other side of the river
River: Quite a wide expanse of the river with deep water under the rod tip. Big drop offs and shelves going to 8/ 18m with silt and lots of wood and dead trees and massive amounts of zebra mussels as the carp's main food source
River bed: Can be a challenge; the topography of the river bed can be like a lunar landscape with lots of underwater obstructions

Xerta and Flix
We want to give you the opportunity to experience the wild carp fishing on the lower river Ebro, between Xerta and Flix, at 'totally unfished' pegs that virtually no one knows about. These wild carp deserve their name, fit and healthy and un-captured by man
We do not subcontract the guiding work. WE only have one group of four anglers at any time and I do all the guiding ourselves to offer the best guiding service on the Ebro, this is our guarantee
Caspe has been the victim of industrial netting over the last 10 years and the police and rural agents have only just got to grips with the problem. Caspe is so remote that it is hard to combat such behavior. Hopefully, over the next five years this stretch of the river Ebro can recover and start to produce heavy hitter carp once again
The fishing
Caspe is a big area of water so there are still some places that are still fishing but with a lot less carp than before. For example, 5 years ago you would expect to catch 5 carp on a day session in January, now groups of 7 members are drawing blanks with the local guides that I know up there and who definitely know what they are doing on the Ebro!
River: Quite windy area sometimes looks like the North Sea with 2 meter waves especially between November and March
River bed: Large stones, rocky bottom, boulder like topography. Quite snaggy areas; expect to lose lots of leads! Big, wide river with lots of bays and inlets. Boats are a good idea in Casper for baiting up at range

Mequinenza is a very small stretch of the river Ebro and because of it's fame has been over fished for 20 years.
In mid-summer when the Mequinenza area is very busy the massive shoals of carp move out and go down stream to Almatret and up in to the Segre river system. The Mequinenza carp population act like 'pressured day ticket fish' and therefore are not the easy fish they were back in the 90s
Mequinenza is still a very good fishery but it is considered a one or two big carp per week Night fishing is not permitted so you will be doing day sessions only which will affect results considerably
The fishing
If you want to fish Mequinenza, I will take you there and guide you for day fishing on the Mequinenza stretch, jumping over to the night fishing areas on the Segre 20 min away. This is a good way of doing it. After all I'm your guide and it's your holiday; I'm here to make you catch wherever and whenever over a 200km area of the mighty river Ebro
River: Quite a sheltered area, with high mountains all around. A wide river with deep water close in.
River bed: Big drop offs, shelves going to deep water with clean bottom areas. 40m/ 200 meter expanses with some areas of silt, 10cm/ 30cm deep