Wild Ebro Carp and Cat fishing
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Frequently asked questions
How to get here?
Flights to Reus or Barcelona are plentiful from most parts of Europe. Airlines servicing these airports include Ryanair, EasyJet, jet2.com, Air France, Flybe. In other words there should be cheap flights available all year if booked in advance.
What to do on arrival?
I will meet you at the airport and you pick up a rental car from Gold Car Rental (they are the cheapest) or others at the airport. To rent a car for a week costs approx. £100 between 4. You will need this to get you around for the week.
How do we get to the guest house?
Following the pickup I will meet you at the airport and I will lead the way to the guest house. You will also get maps for any independent navigation, or in case you get lost.
What do we do about fishing licenses?
Nothing I will arrange all your fishing - and night fishing licenses.
What bivvy and bed chairs are used?
sti 2-man-bivvy. JRC Contact 1-man-bivvy. Trakker TXR beds. The most comfortable night sleep on the river Ebro in my eyes. Comfort is important also on a fishing trip.
What about fish care?
Large unhooking mats are provided by me. Fish care is one of my biggest concerns; it keeps me awake at night, which is why I use unhooking stations and place so much emphasis on this aspect of fishing. Further, we use carp retainer slings and floater cradles for night time captures.
I'm a beginner and I don't know how to carp and catfish?
That's fine, we all have to start somewhere so why not on the Ebro. If you need help I'm here 24/7 on the bank side with you to make you catch big time. All aspects of the river and the fishing will be explained by me, your guide. Trust me; you won't look back!
Do I need to bring my own towels and sleeping bag?
No all towels are provided at the guest house as is bedding, but you may want to bring a towel for fishing as you can't take them from the guest house. All sleeping bags are provided for night fishing. You can also your own if you like.
What end tackle do I need on the Ebro?
Your normal end-tackle but go bigger on your hooks size 6-2. Lots of leads 4oz-6oz. p.v.a bags, string etc. catapult, spods, spoms. If you have big pit reels you may want to use them as long as you have 15lb-25lb main line or 30lb braid. When you come out on the plane you need to put your leads, baiting needle, scissors in your checked in bag in the hold of the plane as they will not let you take them on in hand luggage-because of the terrorism threat.
What else do I bring?
Warm clothing for night fishing. Waterproof over trouser and jacket. Hat, sun cream, sunglass. Your night fishing bits, head torches, lights, batteries, etc. a spare change of clothes is a good idea and some flip flops for going in the water with big catfish. It happens a lot. And don't forget any medication that you regularly need.

Even if you do not visit the Mighty River Ebro with my Company things you should know as my personal advice and hints

Even if you do not visit the Mighty River Ebro with my Company things you should know as my personal advice and hints.

Do not drive and survive; it's not the 90s it's not the way to do it. Add up the cost of ferry crossings, fuel, tolls and accommodation. It's just not worth the stress - flights are cheap these days.

Do not do it yourself, consider the need to get bait and local equipment not to mention the challenge of finding the fish on your own and getting fishing licenses. See the previous advice; it's just not worth the hassle.

Do not go with companies that offer bank side accommodation and fishing. The chances of you getting a good peg 50m from your accommodation is slim to none, and then you are stuck there with no fish within 300 metres

Do not pay more than 20% of the price of your holiday per person in the form of a deposit.

Check what is not included in the price that you are offered. The old trick, low promotional price, big price at the end of the holiday.

Do not use crap pellet e.g. Coppens pellets are not recommended. You need Skrettin 50% oil pellet; it has an 8-12 hour break down and the fish know the difference between good food and rubbish!

Do not hand over your passport to your guides they have no right to ask for this and you might need it to identify yourself on the river bank with the police and rural agent inspectors.