Wild Ebro Carp and Cat fishing
Got it
Your Fishing Experience

24 hours guiding to the best and most exciting fishing experience that the River Ebro can offer. Each group consist of a maximum of 4 anglers for a period of a week suited to the interests and ambitions of each group
Your holiday

This is your holiday and you can fish where and whenever you want during this time. We agree a plan either before you arrive or just at the beginning of the holiday. We have access to the whole river system and we can arrange fishing licenses for any area you want to fish.
Wild & Seasonal

The wild lower river changes with the seasons, as do most of the pegs, areas that fish well one year will be totally different the following year. Xerta to Flix is what we call the wild river and it offers some awesome carp fishing - close up carp fishing and stalking on an exclusive stretch of the river.
Action packed

We will take you to places nobody else will know of or have the patience to take you to, and that is why we have never seen anyone else fishing there. When we go there to carp fish, we expect to catch 6-10 carp in a standard day, usually 18/24lb but your always in with a chance of a much bigger fish.
Surface fishing

Surface fishing for large carp feeding on strawberry blossom, easy to catch on floater baits; if you like it close up and personal then this is the place you want to be.
Mix & Match

We can do half days between night sessions or whatever takes your fancy. We have plenty of locations to take you too, it is your fishing holiday!
Long stay

Most of my customers typically choose to spend a significant part of their time bivvied up at one of the night fishing zones where massive carp live in greater numbers. These are bigger carp than on the lower river. 40-50 pound carp should be our target fish, with the added bonus of catfish of 100 pounds + during most nights.
Cat fishing

If you wish to concentrate on Cat fishing alone then we should expect to catch a 100 pound catfish almost every night, and at the end of trip have caught one or more 200 pound 'river monsters'.