Wild Ebro Carp and Cat fishing
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Night fishing
Legal Night fishing is the best way to get massive carp and catfish. Standard carp in the 24lb -35lb range with lots of 40's, 50's and even 60's are coming along. So many big catfish, most are 140lb - 220lb and night fishing is the way to maximize your fishing time and get the results you want
Most companies do not do night fishing because of the requirments, cost and licensing. Illegal night fishing comes at a very high price if caught. We offer legal night fishing in all the areas listed with full ZPC licensing and access

The Segre, a tributary of the river Ebro on the Catalonia - Mequinenza border
The Almatret stretch of the river Ebro 4km downstream of Mequinenza
Fishing on the fingers above Riba - Rioja Hydroelectric Dam
The river Ebro between Riba - Rioja Dam and Flix Dam
Day fishing on the Mequenza area and night fishing on the Segre (excellent pre-baiting method)
Legal night fishing in Catalonia with the ZPC licenses only. No one really knows about this and the areas are not getting over fished but I think it is the best thing to happen in recent years as regards fishing for carp and catfish in Spain
24/7 Guiding
As your guide we will give you 24 hour a day attention focused on carp and Cat fishing. We believe night fishing is a must on the river Ebro! As your guide we are there with you 24/7, all day, all night, for as long as you have the energy and want to carry on fishing. No other company offers such intensive guiding on the river Ebro
You might be lucky and catch something during the day; however 9.00pm-6.00am is the real bite time on the river Ebro and that is what you are coming here to experience
There are a number of options to choose from, plus there are seasonable changes and personal preferences, so at the beginning of the stay we will discuss and formulate a program. During the week there is flexibility to make changes. Our goal is to give you the happiest and richest experience you can possibly have on River Ebro
Exclusive areas
Night fishing is the time when you will have the perfect Mediterranean temperatures and the best catches. For many guides it might be more comfortable to stay at home overnight (and for some anglers as well!) - but not if you are as passionate about this sport as we are
We offer night fishing in exclusive areas rarely fished by the normal Mequinenza and Caspe tourist angler. Night fishing licenses are included in all our guiding tours. Big hit carp fishing with some of the world's biggest catfish, that's the way it can be, but this can and will only happen when you are night fishing - building your fishing spot up over the week. There is a very good chance of getting the 50 - 60 pounders you are aiming for. Our job is simply to get you this far so that you return home with a new personal best and grin ear to ear every time you think about it!